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The agreement is effective since January, 1999 and is between the Egyptian Computer Society (ECS) whose primary purpose is to:
And whose principal office is at 16 Hasan Imam St. Nasr City and ACM whose purpose is to advance the art, Science, engineering and application of information technology. Serving both professional and public interests by fostering the open interchange of information and by promoting the highest professional and ethical standards: ACM resides at 1515 Broadway, New York NY 19936. U.S.A.
It is agreed as follows:
ACM shall admit professional members of the Egyptian Computer Society (ECS) who woll receive the following, ACM membership benefits:

  • A subscription to the monthly magazine communications of the ACM – both a print and online subscription, as well as access to communication’ online archives.
  • A Subscription to the quarterly newsletter ACM member Net.
  • Eligibility to subscribe to ACM’s digital library at much reduced rate.
  • Full voting privileges and volunteer opportunities.
  • Free “” email forwarding address.
  • Discounts on ACM magazines journals. Books. Special interest group membership. As well as discounts on ACM conference registration.
  • Discounts on goods and services offered through ACM’s member value plus program (a collection of discounts from magazine and book publishers. Software and hardware vendors Etc.)
  • Participation in ACM’s online membership directory & other online services offered to members.

The Egyptian computer society and ACM agree to prominently display the joint membership agreement benefits in their membership promotional and renewal material and on their respective websites.
ACM shall provide the Egyptian computer society (ECS) with a subscription to all ACM journals and magazine and special interest group newsletters: the ECS shall instruct ACM the name and address of the person where these publications shall be sent for use by the society’s members. The Egyptian computer society shall provide subscription of their publications to AC.M. as well.
Once a year for control purposes, the two societies will exchange lists of those who, at the date of return, are continuing to, so avail themselves.
This agreement may be terminated by either party providing not less than 12 months notice in writing.