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About Egyptian Computer Society

The ECS organized the first training program in 1971 and since then, more than 4000 representatives from Egypt, Arab countries and some Islamic countries have completed such training. The ECS was also the first in the Arab World to organize seminars and workshops on subjects of prime importance such as computer arabization. Computational physics, AI, and expert systems, as well as their application in the medical field. Moreover, the ECS organizes the annual international conference on statistics, computer science, and scientific and social applications sine 1975 the ECS as celebrated the silver applications since 1975. The ECS has celebrated the silver jubilee for introducing computers and computing in Egypt in 1985. The ECS organized the annual international Conference on Artificial Intelligence Applications since 1992.

The ECS is the leading Computer society in the Arab World and Africa. Activities of the ECS include (but not limited to) the following:

  • Development of basic and applied research in the fields of computing and computer applications.
  • Organizing meetings, seminars, workshops and conferences in computer related areas.
  • Computer education and training.
  • Publication of computer journal and other scientific material specialized on computing and computer science.
  • Promotion of centers for scientific computing and information systems.
  • Promotion of activities for using and learning computer science in the various educational levels.
  • Cooperation with leading international computing societies world wide.