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ISSN: 1110-2586

Business Knowledge Acquisition Methodological Approach

Abdessamed R├ęda Ghomari
Laboratory LMCS, I.N.I (National Institute of Computer Science), Oued Smar, BP68M, Algiers, ALGERIA
Rachid Chalal
Laboratory LMCS, I.N.I (National Institute of Computer Science), Oued Smar, BP68M, Algiers, ALGERIA
Anne-Marie Alquier
UFR Informatique, Toulouse 1 University, Place Anatole France, 31042, Toulousecedex, France
Organization is a place where is built emergent knowledge from actors interaction (decision makers as cognitive agents), their cognitive actions and their processes. We are interested in the process engaging several decision makers within the framework of an organization by process. The main idea is that from the needs of the decision makers and those expressed at the global level of an organization, a common language is defined for the co-operation in such a way that it is usable on a higher level. This paper aims at describing a methodological approach for aggregated (business) knowledge acquisition for computational strategic decision systems. This approach is based on the assumption that sharing knowledge is not spontaneous in a company and that it must be consequently encouraged. We will focus on activities of decision-making like corpus of acquisition. The proposed approach, whose characteristics are iterative and evolutionary, is cognitive agents-oriented. We proposed a formal organization (useful space of interaction) through a coordination model oriented semantic negotiation of heterogeneous knowledge emanating from departmental decision makers and finally supports (a language of high level negotiation and a software platform support to the business knowledge acquisition methodological approach).
Strategic decision support systems, aggregated knowledge, organization by process, cognitive agents, cooperation, negotiation, common language